FaithStudents 4.8

“For God is my witness, how I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ Jesus. And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment,’  Philippians 1:8-9esv 

Perseverance and Distance Learning. Today we start another season in our 2020 year, the all-distant learning, post-thanksgiving, end-of-the-year heighten CoVid season. What Fun!!  It is really easy for all of us to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the changes in school and routine. You feel it, our students feel it, it is not bueno! So, what role does Faith Students play in this time? 

We cannot change our situation.  what is the response when we know we need to persevere when called? What does perseverance look like for us as believers?  

What do we need to do to encourage and bless others (and our students) around us? 

The verse at the beginning of this article is from the book of Philippian. Paul wrote these letters in a time of distress. However, He is encouraging and praying for discernment and knowledge. I am going to ask that you start praying for knowledge and discernment. How does that look like during your day? With your students?  

We cannot persevere without knowledge and discernment that the path we are on is a blessed and guiding one from Christ.  
Have you ever hiked a trail without a map?  
Have you ever changed the oil in your car without guidance? 
Have you tried to paint a picture of something you have never seen? 
Knowledge and Discernment from God is needed in this time.  

Seeking Christ and WNL. I don’t know all of your situations and if you are cautious for whatever reason we understand. However, we want to give the students a chance to be together and give them a chance to worship and fellowship with each other and so we will continue to meet as we have.  

We will also be pressing in to ask the students to seek Christ’s heart in what is going on. Pray and listen to what God is doing in and through them. We cannot change our situation, but we can choose not to have a defeated attitude but rather a spirit that says, ‘I want to be used by God’. it is our task and hope to encourage your students to not just survive this time, but lean into it. What does it mean to seek Christ in this time and how is Christ challenging you to love others? 


For you, the parent: start praying for knowledge and discernment. How does that need to look like during your day? With/alongside your students? 

For your students: pray and listen to what God is doing in and through you. We cannot change our situation, but we can choose not to have a defeated attitude and have a spirit that says, ‘I want to be used God’. 

Please be in prayer that we do not having a CoVid case in our student ministry, that all of us are healthy and we don’t have to stop meeting together. 

I am asking you a question constantly this year:  Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially 

If you have questions please let me know at: 

Our bi-weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and  filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?    

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This Wednesday after WNL students can stay late to help decorate East for our holiday party.
WNL Christmas Bash is Wednesday Dec 16th. Dinner with Grandma J, Elf costume contest and more
Bell Ringing for Salvation Army on Saturday Dec 12th from 2:00-4:00 or 4:00-6:00 Students need to sign up at WNL or DIG


What Is Discernment?

FROM Sinclair Ferguson May 08, 2020 Category: Articles

Someone I know recently expressed an opinion that surprised and in some ways disappointed me. I said to myself, “I thought he would have more discernment than that.”

The experience caused me to reflect on the importance of discernment and the lack of it in our world. We know that people often do not see issues clearly and are easily misled because they do not think biblically. But, sadly, one cannot help reflecting on how true this is of the church community, too.

Most of us doubtless want to distance ourselves from what might be regarded as “the lunatic fringe” of contemporary Christianity. We are on our guard against being led astray by false teachers. But there is more to discernment than this. True discernment means not only distinguishing the right from the wrong; it means distinguishing the primary from the secondary, the essential from the indifferent, and the permanent from the transient. And, yes, it means distinguishing between the good and the better, and even between the better and the best.

Thus, discernment is like the physical senses; to some it is given in unusual measure as a special grace gift (1 Cor. 12:10), but some measure of it is essential for us all and must be constantly nourished. The Christian must take care to develop his “sixth sense” of spiritual discernment. This is why the psalmist prays, “Teach me good judgment and knowledge” (Ps. 119:66).

The Nature of Discernment

But what is this discernment? The word used in Psalm 119:66 means “taste.” It is the ability to make discriminating judgments, to distinguish between, and recognize the moral implications of, different situations and courses of action. It includes the ability to “weigh up” and assess the moral and spiritual status of individuals, groups, and even movements. Thus, while warning us against judgmentalism, Jesus urges us to be discerning and discriminating, lest we cast our pearls before pigs (Matt. 7:16).

A remarkable example of such discernment is described in John 2:24–25: “Jesus would not entrust himself to them … for he knew what was in a man” (NIV).

This is discernment without judgmentalism. It involved our Lord’s knowledge of God’s Word and His observation of God’s ways with men (He, supremely, had prayed, “Teach me good judgment … for I believe Your commandments,” Ps. 119:66). Doubtless His discernment grew as He experienced conflict with, and victory over, temptation, and as He assessed every situation in the light of God’s Word.

Jesus’ discernment penetrated to the deepest reaches of the heart. But the Christian is called to develop similar discernment. For the only worthwhile discernment we possess is that which we receive in union with Christ, by the Spirit, through God’s Word.

So discernment is learning to think God’s thoughts after Him, practically and spiritually; it means having a sense of how things look in God’s eyes and seeing them in some measure “uncovered and laid bare” (Heb. 4:13).

The Impact of Discernment

How does this discernment affect the way we live? In four ways:

1. It acts as a means of protection, guarding us from being deceived spiritually. It protects us from being blown away by the winds of teaching that make central an element of the gospel that is peripheral or treat a particular application of Scripture as though it were Scripture’s central message.

2. Discernment also acts as an instrument of healing, when exercised in grace. I have known a small number of people whose ability to diagnose the spiritual needs of others has been remarkable. Such people seem able to penetrate into the heart issues someone else faces better than the person can do. Of course, this is in some ways a dangerous gift with which God has entrusted them. But when exercised in love, discernment can be the surgical scalpel in spiritual surgery that makes healing possible.

3. Again, discernment functions as a key to Christian freedom. The zealous but undiscerning Christian becomes enslaved—to others, to his own uneducated conscience, to an unbiblical pattern of life. Growth in discernment sets us free from such bondage, enabling us to distinguish practices that may be helpful in some circumstances from those that are mandated in all circumstances. But in another way, true discernment enables the free Christian to recognize that the exercise of freedom is not essential to the enjoyment of it.

4. Finally, discernment serves as a catalyst to spiritual development: “The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning” (Prov. 14:6, NIV). Why? Because the discerning Christian goes to the heart of the matter. He knows something about everything, namely that all things have their common fountain in God. Increase in knowledge, therefore, does not lead to increased frustration, but to a deeper recognition of the harmony of all God’s works and words.

How is such discernment to be obtained? We receive it as did Christ Himself—by the anointing of the Spirit, through our understanding of God’s Word, by our experience of God’s grace, and by the progressive unfolding to us of the true condition of our own hearts.

That is why we also should pray, “I am your servant; give me discernment” (Ps. 119:125, NIV).

This excerpt is taken from In Christ Alone by Sinclair Ferguson.


Faith Students 4.6

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.’ Ephesians 3:20 esv

Getting away from the world and spending time listening to the Lord is not just a good idea, but it needs to be part of our habit as a believer. 

What does it look like for us as believers when we get away and find time for God to speak to us? This coming Friday we are leaving for Fall Fling at Camp Shamineau for the weekend. 26 of us are leaving and planning on having a great time. There are football games, volleyball games, climbing wall, worship and many other things. However, with all the fun things that we do and enjoy the greatest thing we desire is to meet with God.

Jesus often times withdrew from the crowds and got away (Mark 3, John 6, Matthew 12 and Matthew 3) to spend time meeting with God. Why in the world would Jesus need to meet with His Father if he was one with His Father, but yet he did and he valued that time. So what does this say about our necessity to meet with God. Is it a want or a need?

I recently got away for a couple days in the Wisconsin woods and just spent time reading my bible and praying, worshipping and drinking coffee, not necessarily in that order. It reminded me of the reason why we leave and take students away to fall fling, winter summit or districts. It is so they can hear from the Lord.  

I am not saying that we cannot hear from the Lord in our normal everyday surroundings and in fact if we only think that God can speak to us when we are away and alone they we miss the community of the body of Christ (see Acts 2…all of it). But Jesus retreats to hear from the Lord, because although God can speak anytime, we struggle to listen anytime. We find other things to listen too, watch often and focus on.

Have you ever retreated to be with the Lord?  What was it like and how did it help your relationship with the Lord?


If your student never attends a retreat or get-away in our ministry will they ever know from you that getting away to be the Lord is valuable? My action point for this newsletter is for you to look at the necessity of finding time with God in your own life and then finding an opportunity to teach your student(s) the value of it for themselves. I believe often times we don’t ask of God, because we don’t know what to ask for, but what if your question was simply, ‘what do you want to say to me?’ 

Isn’t that enough?

I am asking you a question constantly this year: Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

If you have questions please let me,,

Our bi-weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens 



Fall Fling: Fall Fling is this weekend. Pray for our students that this is a transformative weekend for them.

NO DIG this Sunday, Nov 1st

Grandma Josie will be making dinner at WNL on Nov 4th. Come early and enjoy a meal. 6pm


Faith Students 4.5

“If I alone bear witness about myself, my testimony is not true. There is another who bears witness about me, and I know that the testimony that he bears about me is true.” John 5:31-32

There is something out there called “deep fake”. I was listening to a podcast recently in which the whole series was on deep fakes whereby a person takes audio and video and synthesizes it so that they can present something that looks like the truth but is actually false.

You can look these up on YouTube, but one in particular is a video of Richard Nixon giving a speech that Apollo 11 had landed and the astronauts are unable to come home. The audio was taken from his own speeches and an actor read a speech that is real, created in case there was a tragedy, however never given. You would swear that it was actually a Richard Nixon pre-recorded speech. However, it is not, it is a deep fake.

Right now there is a deep sense of mistrust in our country. In our politicians and media, mixed with technological advances in creating things that aren’t real makes for a deadly combination. We understand that technology is moving rapidly, but now the thing that is being attacked is truth and the ability to stand on the truth.

That is why these words of Jesus are so important to us today. How do we encourage our students to uphold truth above all. It is so hard to tell the difference between the truth and fake truth our students get fed. A watered down version can eat at their beliefs. 

That is why we keep coming back to who Jesus was and what he said:

  • Is Jesus really God? 
  • Would the disciples die willingly for a lot? 
  • If he was on trial and he was a liar why didn’t they find proof of that? 
  • Did he die because of the things he said or because of the miracles he performed?

These are all questions that we need to encourage our students to ask and seek out in honesty because truth is valuable and it’s gonna be harder and harder for students to figure out what truth is.

The podcast I was listening to ended with a very interesting quote from one of the people being interviewed. She said, “we have to fight for the Internet that we want”. I’ll go one step further and say we have to fight for the truth that we need.

I am asking you a question constantly this year: Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

If you have questions please let me know.,,

Our bi-monthly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens

Prayer Walk: Join us as we walk and pray for our community and students. Meet at Sterling Drug parking lot TONIGHT, Oct 12th, 6:30pm. Bring a friend.

Fall Fling registration ends Oct 23rd. Sign up online at
Oct 30-Nov 1 @ Camp Shamineau. Open to all high school students 9th-12th grade. $99

DIG 3.0 has moved to East Building. Join us every Sunday during second service as we work through the VANTAGE series and learn what Jesus has to say about how to navigate our world.


FaithStudents 4.4

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. .’ John 4:23 esv

Jesus is brilliant and does something here we don’t always catch.

Most, if not all of you, know the story of the Samaritan woman or the woman at the well. It is a great story that I encourage you all to read and love today if not this week. in the midst of this great story Jesus teaches us something. Have you ever taken time in the midst of accomplishing a task or getting something done and take a moment to teach someone something? Have you ever taken a moment to go fishing with a child and teach them life? Have you played a game with your child and taken time to show them what it means to be a man or woman?

Jesus often gives profound biblical truth in common situations and so these verses with tremendous weight become part of a bigger story. Many TIMES, we do not even see it. In the midst of Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus is John 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world…’

In the midst of his own trial he takes time to teach Pilate, while he is healing a blind man he teaches the pharisees and while he is talking about water with a random lady he shares about what true worshipers really are.

We all have common moments in our life (some of you wish you have more uncommon moments) BUT turning the common moments into the uncommon ones is about intentionality and turning into his truth. I love what John Piper said, “Life is an incremental of becoming what you are, in Christ.”

there is still an issue with this passage that we haven’t cover yet. Why did he give this gospel truth to a woman that has been married 5 times, is sleeping with different men and is the least reputable person in this village? So…what do you think?

Action Points

I encourage you to read John 4:1-45. We are talking about it at this week’s WNL. However, I am focusing on verse 15 where the woman at the well asks for the water that gets her away from coming to the well and seeing others. Jesus takes this common moment and reaches a village.

What is your response as a parent? Is your student that woman at the well that thinks they are the least likely to reach someone else or is she a townsperson that needs to share the love of Christ with someone that sees themselves as the least?

I am asking you a question constantly this year: Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

If you have questions please let me,,

Our bi-weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens


Fall Fling sign up has begun. Registration is online at
Fall Fling is a weekend retreat for high school students at Camp Shamineau Oct 30-Nov 1

Join us Sunday Mornings for DIG 3.0 This year we are doing a study called VANTAGE. We meet during 2nd service at 10:45 in Room 110 of the main church. Donuts are usually involved.


FaithStudents 4.3

“Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him.’ John 3:2 esv

What we know is vitally important
‘I can agree with you on some things, but not on everything.’

Don’t you think that is the sentiment of many people today, the fact that we can agree on a lot of things, but it is the things we don’t agree on that divide and trouble us. I love a quote from Mark Twain,

‘It is not the verses of the Bible that I don’t understand that give me troubles, but the verses that I do understand that trouble me.’

In John 3 we have a respected Pharisee named Nicodemus who confesses in front of Jesus and his disciples that the Pharisee’s know that he is a teacher from God. nicodemus is admitting a secret respect they have for Jesus. However, how Jesus uses the authority He possesses is not in agreement with their assumptions, so they become His problem.

it is the things we know and suppress that will work against us. It is the truth we cannot suppress. It is the knowledge of Him that sanctifies and when we allow Him to take over we see the truth of the signs talked about by Nicodemus in John 3. So as a parent the question becomes, how do I strip away the distractions that my students face so that they can see the power of the cross and resurrection?

Action Points

I encourage you to read John 3:1-21. We are talking about it at this weeks WNL. I am asking the students if they are missing or shutting their eyes to the truth that is right in front of them. If you read this exchange or are aware of this story you will remember the interaction brings Jesus to a point of asking, ‘How do you not get this?’

We can look at this a little harsh, but let’s be honest; He can (and should) ask us all this probably a lot in our lives. So the point is to raise our eyes from looking down at the next step and the next step and seeing if our eyes are on the horizon.  if so, then we will see what he shows us.

Are your students just looking down at their feet and just aware of their next steps? Who is supposed to teach your students to keep their eyes on Him?

You? Me? Random Person?

We parent and love with intention and so I encourage you to help your students pick up their eyes and ask every once in a while, ‘How do you not get this?’

I am asking you a question constantly this year:
Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

If you have questions please let me,,

Our bi-weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens



FaithStudents 4.2

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.’ Psalm 9:10 esv

So It Begins…

Officially everyone has started school by now unless we have some homeschool families out there that are waiting for the snow to fly. Since school has started let me ask you, what do you hope? What is your desire for your students? What is your dream for them spiritually?

This year we are going through the book of John and we are looking at the book through the eyes of the message that Jesus gives us, ‘no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.’ (Jn 3:5 nlt) This is the mission that God gave to His Son to share with us and now it is the message that we are to share to every person. So I ask again, what is the hope you have for your students (spiritually) this year?

I went to a small bible college outside of Knoxville and I went with very little expectation of how I would grow in the Lord that first year. Going into my second year I had a desire, a hope, maybe even a direction that I wanted to head and grow towards. It was a greater year for me. There was more fruit and there was more to be in awe. It was not because more happened or I was challenged in a greater way, but simply because my eyes were open for it.

Think about the moments in your life that are memorable, are they because something dramatic happened to get your attention or was your attention already focused and your purpose was ready. I would guess about 80% of the memorable events are planned (vacation, weddings, kids born, a move or birthdays). However, there are some times that pop up unexpectantly.  so what is the hope you have for your students this year?

Is it possible to steer them into what God is doing for them and focus them on how He is directing them closer and closer to Him… absolutely! You are their parent and you are THE MAIN SPIRITUAL INFLUENCER IN YOUR STUDENTS LIFE. So with that great responsiblity, dream, hope and help for their focus to be alert.

Action Points

We have two weekly meetings that your students can take part in:

WNL (Wednesday Night Live) every Wednesday starting at 6:46-8:48 at the East building. Worship, Prayer, Small Groups, Games, Message and other stuff to get your students focused on family, kingdom and mission. All students 7th-12th invited. We will be outside if the weather is nice and inside if the weather is not.

DIG (Sunday Morning) is during the second service message. Roughly it is about 10:40-11:15 in Room 110 of the church next to the nursery. We are going through a series called Vantage and all students are invited.

I am getting in the habit of asking you a question weekly this year:
So a question for you, WHO is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

If you have any questions please let me know.,,

Our bi-weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens


Fall Fling Oct 30-Nov 1 | Watch for details in next week’s newsletter.


FaithStudents 4.1

“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me.’ John 5:39 esv

Outside, Inside and Online

‘it is they that bear witness about me’…They that testify about me to others know me! Therefore if you do not testify to others about Him you don’t know Him! 

This year our focus is Mission and getting the students to be equipped and encouraged to share their faith and challenged to listen to who God has put in their life. How well do we model that? How well do we reach out in our lives to those around us?


We will be starting WNL outside this fall. We will be in the field behind the east building and 99% of the night will be back there so that if students don’t want to wear masks they don’t have to and we have more freedom in the course of the night with small groups. We will encourage students to keep their distance. We will still have small groups, worship, games and a campfire every night. We will stay outside as along as we can (weather dependent), if it rains or it starts to get too cold we will head inside.  we will connect with you on the plans as we move through the fall. (email, facebook, Instagram and Text).


When the temp gets too cold or it rains we will go inside and be in the North Hall of East Building. Chairs will be spread out, Alongsiders will be wearing masks and students will be encouraged to wear masks. People on stage are not required to wear masks and we will keep doing worship, games, announcements and a message. The hard part is doing small groups, so some groups may be going over to the main church during small groups time. When the mask mandate is dropped we will not be requiring masks to be worn by Alongsiders (it will be a matter of choice) or asking students to wear their masks.


For those students that are not able to join us on Wednesday nights we will be posting WNL on Facebook Live. Students can join every Wednesday as we will put the worship and message online. We will try and make a consistent time every week so that you can log on at the same time and take part of the night without being there. Outside or Inside we will start to do this Wed, Sept 9th and will continue during the fall and assess by MEA Break and again at Christmas.

Action Points

So how are your students taking part? How are they stepping into this ministry and being encouraged to share what God is doing in and through them? We want students to know Him with a faith that is active and loving in this time. So here is what you can do:

I would like you to get in the habit of asking your student a question constantly this year: 

Who is God putting in your life to Love Sacrificially?

Thank you for taking on this challenge. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.,,

Our weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens 


Be sure and look at our calendar on the FaithStudents website page


FaithStudents 3:39

“And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness,’ Acts 4:29 esv

WNL this Fall and beyond

Have you ever wondered if the early church had a plan. Did the disciples know what they were doing? I believe if you are a planner you have a tendency to say no, but if you are a ‘wing-it’ you have a tendency to say yes. Like most things in life the answer falls in the middle and either way it does not matter. but when it comes to having a plan for our own lives it does feel like it matters. 

We just wrapped up our Alongsider Planning meeting for the year and it gives me great hope for what will happen this year. I don’t have faith in what we have planned, but I have faith in where God will take it. Cause right now we don’t have much direction for what next year and next month look like. However, in the midst of uncertainty we rely that much more on Him. So this year we have a MISSION. 

This year we want to see students on mission to share the gospel with others. For some students that is scary and for some it is challenging but doable, however we want for our students to be desiring to share what this Kingdom of God is like and increase the Family of God. So I need your help, I am asking that you challenge your student to not get focused on getting themselves right with God, but instead encouraging them to find their identity in Christ through how passionately they share the hope we have. 

I have heard students share that they need to get ‘right with the Lord first’ and honestly I have heard adults say that (i have said that at times too). However, the reality is that you don’t get ‘right with the Lord’ before you are able to serve. He makes you ‘right with him’ while you focus not on yourself. For Examples look at the Bible: Noah, Moses, the Disciples, David, Solomon, Josiah, Timothy…

Action Points

So here comes the ask: Here is what I am going to ask you to do: Are you ready for it:

I would like you to get in the habit of asking your student a question constantly this year: 

Who is God putting in your life to Love sacrificially?

All I desire for you to do is constantly engage your students in asking them consistently this question. In getting this mindset into their vision; that we were made to love others, to care for others, and to share with others. Your students have people in their life that only they can reach and we want to encourage, equip and prepare them to do just that. 

Thank you for taking on this challenge. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.,,

Our weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?   

Scott Owens 



Amazing Race:  Join us for our annual end of summer event.  Wednesday Aug 19th.  Meet and end at Austin High School.  6-9pm. Bring your best sleuthing skills and fast feet.

Prayer and Praise Night: Kick off our year with praise and worship to our Lord.  Sept 2nd 7pm at East Building


FaithStudents 3.38 

We do what we can 

Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done.” These amazing words from Jesus give us insight into the relationship between the Father and the Son.  We know that Jesus was willing and ready to die for us on the cross, to repair the relationship that we destroyed, but you also have the Son look for another way. Not in defiance or rebellion, but in just asking.  

Jesus asks the Father, IF, there is another way please do that. However, if there is not let your will be done. Jesus states His preference and then surrenders to the will of the Father.  

State your preference and then surrender! 

What if that becomes the way we talk to God and the way we relate to others. State your preference and then surrender. There are many ways I would like state my preference to God and then I would like him to do exactly what I want, but then I am not living in a state of surrender to His will. I know His will is better than mine, his vision is better than mine and his plans are better than mine. 

So with so much out of our control I would encourage you to take some moments this week to state your preference to God (about masks, schools opening, other peoples opinions, racial injustice, public places, health concerns, sick relatives) and then SURRENDER!  

Action Points 

With the new order from Gov. Walz we are now going to be meeting exclusively at East Building until further notice. Meeting at other places is significantly difficult to do. we will meet every Wednesday at East, but it will be outside in the grassy area. students are encouraged to wear masks if they want and also not if they desire. We will try to stay outside as much as possible since it just gives a little more freedom for all.  

Our hope is to be outside, but on the nights where weather is an issue, we will be inside East building. Alongsiders will have masks on and students are encouraged to wear masks, but are not required (per Walz Order). our goal is to minister to your students as best we can during this time. We are still working on a plan for the fall, but we are also waiting for Gov. Walz to give his instructions on Thursday.  

We continue to plan safe activities where we can meet and serve and have fun.  The Amazing Race is coming up on Wed, Aug 19th at 7pm. This has become our end of summer event and it’s a hit with the kids. Prayer and Praise is Sept 2nd and if all goes as planned WNL will kick off Sept 9th.  It’s an ever-changing time.  Your prayers are welcomed. 

If you have any questions and/or response to our intentions please call me, message me or plan a visit and we can talk about it. 

Our weekly emails will be focused on encouraging you parents with resources and  filling you all up to disciple your students. How can I pray for you or your students?    

Scott Owens 


Graduation Banquet: Aug 2nd
Amazing Race: August 19th
Prayer and Praise: Sept 2nd
WNL Kickoff Cookout: Sept 9th